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HellO ! and WelcOme ! to iCy_and_frOst Graphic Design Journal. As you all kno, this journal is dedicated to layouts, headers, friends only signs, and, of course, icons! Any graphic posted in this journal is completely orginal. Every idea is our own. This is why we stress that you make sure credit is given.

whos in charge around here ?
--/> There are two moderators herre. iCy and frOst ! We are two longtime best friends that go back to kindergarten =p ! We are both fifteen and going into our sophmore year at high school. Each of us have totally different personalities and likings. So our icons will definitely differ. iCy is also much more experienced in graphic design. frOst might not be as fast or as good as iCy for the time being.. However, shes workin really hard to get `damn good =D !

-=- Have a suggestion? Want to see more of what you like ? OK !

Just email us at: iCy_and_frOst@yahoo.com

We will be checking our mail very often so we will get your mail !

*** avril lavigne isnt exactly loved herre between either graphic designer. sO! any request for avril will be filled but please limit them ! =D !


the fivee simple rules

-;- friends only- our journal is friends only for a reason. just leave a comment to be added. chances are, we will add you. but if you dont comment or keep up with livejournal. we can and we will delete you off of our friends list. if you are caught stealing, obviously, you will be deleted also.

-;- credit- this is the most important thing of our icon journal. without giving us credit, you are stealing, whether you like to think of it that way or not. for icons, you can credit us in the keywords. for any other graphics, credit in userinfo. its that simple ! you can also put our banner in your info as well !

-;- comment- if you are taking a graphic, just comment and let us know which you are taking. this way, we know which graphics go where.

-;- no direct linking- please do not direct link. please host the image on your own uploader. for example; Boomspeed Or 1asphost

-;- requests please do not make requests or ask us to customize something unless we have stated in a thread that we would.

-;- Icon Journals If you do have another icon journal Don't steal our ideas! please come up with your own ideas and we will know if you steal them because we check the journals each day.

-;- Icon saving for later use If you save an icon for later use, so you remember who made the icon, save the icon as the makers name so this way when you go to use it you can credit that person.

thank yOu ! xo


please link us !

* you can direct link this picture *

You can simply link to our journal by copy and pasting this code just make sure that you take out the stars

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/~icy_and_frost"*><*img src="http://a.1asphost.com/icydesign/icyandfrostbanner.gif"*><*/img*><*/a>

thanks again !